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 Application for Laylara

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PostSubject: Application for Laylara   Tue Jul 12, 2011 2:46 am

IC info:

Name: Laylara

Age: 32

Description: Quiet but quick to smile, Laylara is a complex but essentially kindhearted woman. Not shy so much as a listener, Laylara will only open up to those she is very well acquainted with.

History: Orphaned and left with her abusive aunt, Laylara learned the value of silence at a young age. Ten years of beatings, ten years of silence, at 15 Laylara left. Setting off on her own she eventually found a place within the temple of Mitra. Eventually she began to help those she could, however she could, with what skills she'd learned. To punish those who harm and lift up those who cannot lift themselves. Now, do not mistake, Laylara is kind but no fool. She is far from naive and behind her kind, quiet, and simple demeanor; behind the scar that runs across her face; lies a woman who knows the world and can read people like a book.

OOC info:

Name/Age: Wendy / 27 / I'm from Alberta, Canada. I work as a registered nurse and I have been RPing online since I was a teenager. I'm busy raising a 5 year old son and working the night shift at the hospital. I do, however, find time to RP once in a while. I am an avid RPG video-gamer, I've dabbled in the odd MMO, and I play in tabletop RP's on occasion. I enjoy reading, knitting, drawing, and cute things. Razz

Class: I play healing classes for the most part, what can I say? I like being needed Razz

What I enjoy most about RP: Everything! Very Happy Yeah that's the worst answer ever but I'm tired and AoC is beckoning playage.
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PostSubject: Re: Application for Laylara   Tue Jul 12, 2011 7:26 pm

i'll find you in game when I next see you Smile
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Application for Laylara
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