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 Snira Hjaldrsdottir

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PostSubject: Snira Hjaldrsdottir   Sun Oct 10, 2010 8:12 am

The eldest daughter of the Vanir chieftain Hjaldr Flamebeard, Snira was raised with the expectations of a son, but none of the rights. She was taught the tactics of troop formation and battle strategies, while still being expected to conduct herself as a proper female member of the clan. This led to many conflicts with her father, usually ending with a severe beating, especially when she would dare to question the wisdom of her father’s tyrannical style of leadership. In her estimation, the Vanir brought their reputation of disorganized villains upon themselves, and she knew there were many noble qualities of her people, if only they were allowed to flourish.

As time went by, the Vanir blood ran true, and Snira grew to be nearly as large as her huge father; in fact, her very name was derived from a mythical Vanir giant, Snir. While this made her a begrudgingly respected warrior maiden of her clan, it also made her bold, and when one day Hjaldr made an offer of her hand in arranged marriage to an allied chieftain, she refused to his face. Needless to say, the old Vanir resorted to his usual tactics and raised his hand to her again, only this time it did not go so well. Snira seized up a club and struck him down where he stood, fleeing in the ensuing chaos.

She does not know whether her father lived or died, but she knows it is not safe for her to return to Vanaheim anytime soon, nor does she want to. She plans on increasing her personal power and standing, as befits her bloodline, and maybe one day she will return to her homelands at the head of an army to claim her birthright. Until then, she is just as happy to cleave Vanir skulls as any.

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Snira Hjaldrsdottir
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