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PostSubject: Sceadberan/Alec   Tue Nov 03, 2009 10:03 pm

Sceadberan claims to be a Cimmerian, and that is true, he is at heart, but not in blood, in actuality he is Asgardian. Sceadberan was born to a small Asgardian Clan in the Eiglophian Mountains, near the borders of Vanaheim and Cimmeria. While only young, Sceadberan's clan was laid to waste by a raiding party of Vanir. Fleeing into the night, Sceadberan managed to avoid the many predators that stalk the mountains at night. Somehow he found his way into Cimmeria, where he was found and raised as a Cimmerian.

However, he was always different, he never truly lost his accent, even if it was only subtly different from that of a Cimmerian. Others knew he wasn't truly Cimmerian. Cimmerian children ostracized him, and this continued into his teenage years, which is when he decided to look for other friends; turning to dark powers only ostracized him further, as he seemed to grow inexplicably stronger as a result of his... gifts. Now as a young adult, Sceadberan has decided to venture into the wide world in these times of trouble, when pasts are overlooked and methods, unquestioned.

My name is Alec in reality, short for Alexander. I'm 18, living in British Columbia, Canada, about an hour from Vancouver. This is my third shot at Age of Conan, in the past I have alsways enjoyed the game, but found I lost interest after a while, hoping this time I won't now that I have found a guild to rp with. I used to rp on a Dragonlance Server called Krynn's Time of Dragons in Neverwinter Nights, where I played Lord Alin Menderthur, Lord of the Night. Other than computer games I spend most of my time playing Dungeons and Dragons, or reading.
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PostSubject: Re: Sceadberan/Alec   Tue Nov 03, 2009 11:39 pm

Welcome to the guild, and it's great to have you. Feel free to browse everyone else's little intros and what not and post freely on these forums. Lots of class related info and such to be found here as well as a RP forum.
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